Va. Dog Sitter Accused of Stealing Drugs

Police say a 38-year-old woman working as a dog sitter stole prescription medicine from one of her clients' homes and it was all captured on camera.

This summer, Lovettsville, Va. resident Michael Mack set up his iPad in his kitchen to keep an eye on his dog sitter, Christina L. Garrett-Gates, while he was out of town. 

The camera caught Garrett-Gates, the owner of Christy's Canine and Pet Care, sifting through kitchen cabinets, hunting for prescription medicine.

"She ended up going through every single cabinet that we have in our kitchen, through the entire pantries, several [other] things in the house," Mack said. 

Police say Garrett-Gates got away with several kinds of prescription drugs, including Hydrocodone.

She has been charged with larceny and possession of a schedule II narcotic, but deputies say she may have stolen from other clients. If you think you were a victim, call police at 703-737-8757.

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