Dog Returns to Fredericksburg Home After 8-Year, 2700 Mile Trip

VA family re-united with dog after eight years

A northern Virginia family has their lost dog back after eight years and 2,700 miles of separation.

The Pruitt family let their dog out after eating one day, but the animal did not return. The family searched the neighborhood, put up flyers and checked local shelters but gave up hope after a few months of no luck.

Somehow, the dog named Petunia wound up in California near Sacramento. A woman who was walking her own dogs found Petunia in a wildlife area earlier this month, and took her to an animal shelter.

Workers at that California clinic found a microchip that traced back to the Chancellor Veterinarian Clinic in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The clinic then identified the Pruitts as owner.

Petunia was shipped across country. Her owners picked her up from JFK in New York.

At this point, the Fredericksburg family has no idea how the friendly dog ended up across the country.

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