Dog Fight Victim Pit Bull Rescued in Anne Arundel County

Vets said dog had been used to train other animals to fight

RockyRoad today
Anne Arundel Animal Control

Animal control officers rescued a badly injured Pit Bull on February 2, which they said had been a victim of dog fighting.

A citizen called in a report to Animal Control officers, saying there was an injured canine on the 600 block of Andover Road in Linthicum.

Officers who responded found the animal suffering from multiple wounds, and determined the Pit Bull either required emergency veterinary attention or would have to be euthanized.  Although the animal was visibly in pain and had difficulty moving, but officers said the dog still sought affection from them.

The Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital stepped forward to offer treatment for the dog.  The staff at the animal hospital said the Pit Bull, which they named "Rocky Road," were consistent with they type suffered by animals used as "bait dogs" when training other dogs to fight.  The animal underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.  It's expected to take several weeks to recover.

A rescue group called Tara's House has offered to care for the dog once it's well enough to leave the hospital.

Anne Arundel Animal Control says it continues to seek veterinary hospitals willing to offer pro bono or reduced cost services to animals in need.  Anyone interested in helping can contact Animal Control at 410-222-8900. 

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