Dog Bites Dog, Both Bite Dust

Fighting dogs killed by Dulles Airport police

Airport authority police responded to a call for help from cargo building number five located in an area far from the Dulles International Airport passenger terminal, but police thought the lives of cargo workers and officer personnel were in danger when two dogs described as "male pit bull types" started fighting.

 One had broke free from his crate and was attacking the other. Police used pepper spray but couldn't subdue the dogs.

Rob Yingling, spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said lethal force was used to protect the people in the cargo building.

Both dogs belonged to the same owner. He dropped them at the cargo area Thursday to be shipped on a flight to Korea.

Questions were raised about whether the dogs were properly crated since they were apparently fierce enought to break free.

Airport authority police have competed their investigation into the shooting and the way these apparently vicious dogs were packed for shipping.

They have decided not to press charges against the dogs owner.

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