Documents: Witnesses Describe Punches Before Fatal Metro Stabbing

What to Know

  • Court documents show witnesses saw the victim and the suspect throw a punch at each other.
  • A witness said the victim and suspect were yelling at each other from different cars on a Metro train.
  • One witness attempted to help the victim but was unable to stop the bleeding from a neck wound.

Charging documents show an altercation occurred before a fatal stabbing at the Deanwood Metro Station on Monday, where a 15-year-old died.

John Evans III, 15, was killed inside the Metro station after being stabbed in the neck. Police arrested Jovante Hall, 18, late Monday night and charged him with second-degree murder while armed.

Court documents filed with the Superior Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday show Evans and Hall allegedly got into a physical confrontation after exiting a train at the Deadwood Station around 11 a.m. Monday. Video taken at the station showed Hall saying something to Evans as they were going down the escalator toward the exit.

The documents state video showed that Hall waited for Evans near a handicap exit gate. The video showed both subjects raised their arms, and there appeared to be a commotion before Hall turned and run out of the station.

Documents state the video showed Evans clutching his neck and falling to the ground, bleeding profusely. A witness who was traveling with Evans attempted to help the victim, but he was unable to stop the bleeding.

The documents also detail surveillance footage from areas around the Metro station, which highlighted the path Hall took after leaving the station.

There is a witness statement in the documents that said Evans was “agitated and angry and was visibly angry and had his fist balled up as if he wanted to fight. The witness said they saw Evans punch Hall in the chin, and Hall returned a punch to Evans’ face area.

The witness said they never saw a knife in Hall’s hand at the time of his punch.

A separate witness said Evans and Hall were previously yelling at each other from different cars on the same Metro train prior to the arrival at the Deanwood Metro Station. This witness said they did see a knife in Hall’s hand prior to the physical altercation between Hall and Evans.

The documents show the witness “knew there was going to be altercation because (Hall) and (Evans) were engaged in a verbal altercation stemming from social media, and they both threatened to harm each other physically.”

Hall, of Northwest D.C., was arrested Monday night after police received tips and reviewed surveillance footage.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family to help with funeral and burial expenses.

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