Doctors Dealing With Surge in Flu Cases

Doctors in Prince George’s County are dealing with a surge in flu cases that’s keeping emergency rooms busy nationwide.

Maryland is on track to have one of the worst flu seasons in recent years, according to the University of Maryland, and the impact is felt in Prince George’s County.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in flu-like illnesses as well as people who have chronic underlying medical conditions that have been made by flu-like illnesses,” said Dr. Douglas Mayo of Prince George’s Hospital.

Mayo says the highest spike in flu patients in the county is at the Bowie Health Center, where they are trying to figure out how to handle the extra volume.

Studies conducted at the University of Maryland are finding that some patients are carrying more than one strain of the flu virus, which may be driving its high impact and making it more contagious.

Doctors say it’s never too late for prevention.

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