DIY Desks ‘Explode' in Popularity Amid the Pandemic

More people are investing in creative solutions for desks and office space as the pandemic continues

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Workspace at home is at a premium these days. It seems like everybody needs a desk. The low inventory of big box stores is proof of that.

But you can build your own desk and customize it to your budget with the tutorial below provided by Woodcraft of Rockville and the Wood Workers Club. In it, you’ll see how Chris Johnstone creates a desk with hairpin legs using just a few materials.

Amy Bender and her husband, Chris, own the store that does everything from teaching people how to build things like desks and cabinets to selling the material needed for a project.

How to Make Your Own Desk

“DIY is really, really starting to explode right now and I really think it's because people have all this sudden time at home in that environment,” Bender said.

“We have everything from people calling up and saying, 'I just need a piece of plywood that I can set across two filing cabinets. It’s going to be my kid's desk.' All the way up to people saying, 'I want to make something that’s functional but also speaks to my desire for beauty in my home as well.'”

People are adapting furnishings to their new needs and learning something about themselves along the way.

Bender says that is a game changer — not just for our budgets, but for our self-esteem.


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“They’re discovering that maybe they have the ability. They have it within themselves to make something instead of just buying it,” she said.

Woodcraft of Rockville is also offering woodworking classes through the Wood Workers Club with full COVID-19 safety protocols in place. You can sign up here.

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