District Heights Mayor Eddie Martin Convicted of Misconduct Over Fireworks Purchase

A jury convicted the mayor of District Heights, Maryland, of misdemeanor misconduct in officer over a fireworks purchase he said was for the city when it was actually on behalf of a friend, Maryland's state prosecutor announced.

Mayor Eddie Martin was accused of signing a letter on city letterhead June 8, 2017, authorizing the purchase of about $50,000 worth of Class B and C fireworks and saying that they would be used on behalf of the city.

"Class B and Class C fireworks are available for purchase by a municipality or with a federal explosive license," the prosecutor said.

However, the fireworks were actually being bought by a friend of Martin, the prosecutor said.

"Public officials cannot use their position to evade safety regulations for the personal benefit of their friends," the prosecutor said.

Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 10.

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