Discovery Upgrades the Augie's Doggies Ride

New cart is thanks for help during hostage situation

When a man armed with explosives entered the Discovery Headquarters and conducted a standoff with police in September, a local hot dog vendor was hailed for his efforts to not only warning people not to enter the building, but for providing food and sticking around to provide support throughout the afternoon and evening.

And on Tuesday, Discovery honored Isidro Cabrera of Augie's Doggies by presenting him with a new hot dog cart, completely blinged out by Ryan Friedlinghaus of the TV show "West Coast Customs."

"Augie, selflessly, really protected us before the police got here (on Sept. 1)," said Discovery CEO David Zaslav. "He was circling our building to make sure that none of our employees went in."

The Augie's Doggies cart will be featured on an upcoming episode of "West Coast Customs."

"It's a special project for us," Friedlinghaus said. "It's the ultimate hot dog cart, and it has everything on it from TVs to Xbox to a sound system for him. But ultimately he can make some really good hot dogs."

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