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Detective in “Sexting” Case Suing Lawyer For Defamation

Months after a teen boy was sentenced to one year of probation for sexting his then-girlfriend, the detective in the case has sued the boy's lawyer for defamation.  

Manassas teen Trey Sims, 17, was accused of texting his girlfriend, 15, a video of his genitals.

Sims' case became a national news story earlier this year, when prosecutors had said they planned to take nude photos of the teen, including some in an aroused state, to make their case. 

His lawyer, Jessica Foster, told the Washington Post the search warrant was "crazy ... Who does this? It's just crazy."

Detective David Abbott with the Manassas Police Department says those comments were directed at him and caused him "severe emotional distress."

The Washington Post first reported Abbott is suing Foster over the comments, adding he has received threats and was called a pedophile.

Abbott is suing Foster for $350,000 plus compensetory damages, claiming her comments put him under intense public and media scrutiny. Neither party would comment on the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Sims' porn charges could be dismissed in August 2015 when his probation period ends.

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