Detective Details Alleged Gunman’s Confession in Killing of Teen Near High School

Disturbing new details have emerged in court about the fatal shooting of a Virginia high school student, as a detective outlined the alleged gunman's confession, saying he "treated him like a dead animal."

Brenden Wilson, 16, was a junior when he died Nov. 10, 2014, gunned down on a path that leads to Woodbridge High School. Five suspects have been arrested in connection with his death, most of them teenagers.

At a preliminary hearing Wednesday for the oldest, the alleged trigger-man Kawain Smalls, a detective testified that Smalls confessed the day after the shooting.

In court, the prosecutor asked, "Did the defendant admit he shot Mr. Wilson?"

Detective Darien Cupka replied, "Yes, sir, he did."

The detective said there had been a dispute between Wilson and the defendant's brother, Quatrail, and that Quatrail reportedly asked two of his siblings to help him ambush and rob Wilson.

Smalls' sister allegedly lured Wilson to the area, saying she wanted to buy some pot.

The detective said Smalls then jumped Wilson, running up from behind and placing a gun in the small of his back. When his sister shouted, "He's moving; he's moving," Smalls feared Wilson had a gun and fired several shots into the teen's back, Smalls told the detective.

"When he started shooting, Brenden Wilson fell to the ground," testified the detective. "For the last shot, he said he reached down, moved the body over and fired into his head.... I thought he kicked him like a dead animal... just treated him like a dead animal."

For the victim's mother, Vikki Wilson Moore, losing her son has been hard enough. Wednesday was even harder, as she learned the details about how Wilson was was shot to death.

"It's kind of indescribable," she said. "I didn't know how many times he was shot...."

Moore said she finds some comfort in encouraging words posted on a memorial Facebook page for her son. And she was encouraged in court when the judge found enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury.

"I'm glad it's moving forward," she said. "I'm glad they caught everybody... very satisfied so far with everything Prince William County has done."

A large memorial also sits alongside the path to Woodbridge High School, where Wilson's body was found.

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