Dentist Appointment Linked to Murder Charge

Teen inmate never returned from dental appointment

The Fairfax County juvenile justice system learned a tough lesson from a teenager's death last month.

Christian Perez, 16, of Lorton, Va., was found dead March 19 in Woodlawn Park. Police believe he was attacked by members of the MS-13 gang, who thought Perez belonged to a rival gang.
The attackers used a baseball bat. His head was smashed open.
What we’ve learned about one of the three teenagers charged in the killing is also disturbing.
Last November, the teen was locked up on a malicious wounding charge.   He also had previous gun and gang convictions, according to The Washington Post. Despite that, a Fairfax probation officer gave the teen permission to leave jail with his mother for a dentist appointment.
He never went back.
Four months later, he and the other two suspects are accused of beating Perez.
Robert A. Bermingham, director of court services for the Fairfax juvenile court, said the teenager’s release was allowed at the time, but the policy has since been changed.
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