Delays on 3 Lines as Metro Wraps Up 4th Safety Surge

Some Metro riders may need to set aside some extra time Monday morning after a signal problem delayed trains on three lines. The delays come as Metro wraps up the fourth phase of its SafeTrack plan. 

Trains on the Orange, Blue and Silver lines are delayed in both directions because of a signal problem outside Stadium-Armory.

The delays are only adding to the frustration of Blue Line riders who have been dealing with the the latest phase of Metro's nine-month-long maintenance surge for the last week. 

On July 12, a segment of the Blue and Yellow lines shut down between the National Airport and Pentagon City stations. The Crystal City station, which is located between those stations, is closed. In addition, there is no Yellow Rush Plus service.

Metro's fourth safety surge ends Monday.

But there is some good news. 

Unscheduled track work left Red Line trains single-tracking between the Bethesda and Van Ness Metro stations for just over an hour. 

Trains are no longer single-tracking, and normal service has resumed. 

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