Deer Struck By Car Goes Airborne, Strikes Jogger

Two Loudoun County women are out of the hospital after a collision with a deer Thursday.

But there's a very unusual twist: one of the women was jogging when the deer hit her. A Loudoun County's Sheriff's Department spokesman says the accident happened around 6 p.m. on southbound Clairborne Parkway near the ramp to the Dulles Greenway.

A 71-year-old woman was driving an SUV when a deer stepped into the roadway and hit the front passenger side of her car.

The impact sent the deer airborne, and it hit a 27-year-old female jogger who was running on a path.

Both women were taken to the Lansdowne Campus of Inova Loudoun Hospital for treatment. Both were released from the hospital Friday. 

Andrew Disilvestre, whose home backs up to the path, noticed what he thought looked like a single car accident on his way home Thursday night.

Then, Friday morning, something else caught his eye out his back window.

"I noticed some big vultures flying around and noticed a dead deer," said Disilvestre.

News4 told him that the deer had hit a jogger before it fell to the ground.

"It's certainly an anomaly... that's a surprise, " said Disilvestre. "I might look out for deer next time I'm jogging."

Other residents were equally stunned to hear about the deer flying into the jogger.

"That' pretty amazing," said Michael Valmont as he worked out at gym near the accident scene. "I don't know what the statistics are for that but it's pretty low."

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