Deeds Finds African-Americans Who'll Vote for Him

McDonnell pockets lucrative Realtors endorsement

RICHMOND, Va. -- Following last month's embarrassing loss of an endorsement from BET cofounder and Democratic megadonor Sheila Johnson, the Democrats candidate for governor of Virginia has picked up backing from an important African-American group.

Deeds won the endorsement of the Legislative Black Caucus Tuesday. The support of African-American members of the Virginia House and Senate comes after Johnson endorsed Republican candidate Bob McDonnell last month.

That and comments by former Gov. Doug Wilder, the nation's first elected black governor, had generated questions about Deeds' backing among blacks. State Sen. Henry Marsh said Deeds can bank on black voters' support in November.

Meanwhile, McDonnell picked up the lucrative Virginia Association of Realtors' endorsement. Of the $1.6 million in contributions the group has made to candidates the past four years, 62 percent went to Republicans.

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