Decision Made to Build Dulles Rail Station Above Ground

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority's voted to build the new Dulles Metro station above ground.

The  decision was made by a 12-1 vote Wednesday morning.  The lone dissenting vote was made by Bob Brown.

The decision to build the station above ground came after intense pressure from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and the Obama administration.  Previously, the Authority had voted to build the station below ground, which would have incurred higher costs.  Rep. Paul Wolf, arguing against the underground station, said the project would cost $300 million more than the above ground version.

The Airports Authority is overseeing the airport access project, which spans 23 miles and carries an estimated cost of $6 billion.

AAA said the decision would save drivers money.  "That’s an unqualified victory for area motorists," the organization said.

Check back with NBC Washington for more updates on this developing story.

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