Decision 2014: What to Know About D.C.'s Mayoral Race

Andy Jones

D.C. Mayors' Race: What You Need to Know

Playing catch-up when it comes to this fall's D.C. election? Start here.

Andy Jones

Catania Hopes Experience Is Enough to Lead D.C.

"We need to end the income gap in our city," said Councilmember David Catania. "Income inequality is an enduring problem and the only way to fix that is through education."

Liz Lynch

Bowser Wants to "Make Good Neighborhoods Great"

The Democratic nominee says the next mayor has to make sure there are jobs available to everyone who wants them.

Andy Jones for NBC Washington

Schwartz Seeks Return to D.C. Politics

"I helped lay the groundwork... to bring us the boom time we see now," says Carol Schwartz. "But here we are in the midst of it and one of the side effects is driving people out of the city...."

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