D.C.'s Time Spent in Traffic Worst in Nation

If you drive in rush-hour traffic, you know what a colossal waste of time it can be. But have you ever actually counted up the number of lost hours?

Well, The Texas Transportation Institute has, and the number isn't pretty. According to a recent study, people in the Washington area spend 70 hours a year sitting in traffic -- that's nearly three days!

Researchers say D.C. is tied with Chicago for the worst traffic congestion in the country. Los Angeles is ranked third with 63 hours.  Houston is No. 4 with 58 hours.

On the positive side, researchers say the increase in traffic is a sign of the improving economy. In 2008, the economic downturn and high gas prices caused a drop in congestion. They say the increase in traffic is correlated to people returning to the workforce.

Read more about the study by clicking here. View the list here.

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