Mayor Bowser's Proposed $15.5B 2020 Budget: What You Need to Know

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled on Wednesday a proposed budget for the 2020 fiscal year.

The $15.5 billion proposal boosts funding for projects related to housing, childcare, transportation and more.

“This budget is about ensuring that everyone living and doing business in the District is giving and getting their fair share,” said Bowser in a statement.

Here's some of the key points.

Public Health and Safety

  • $3 million to hire about 70 more police officers, with a focus on bike and foot-patrol officers
  • Hire 45 more firefighter paramedics and purchase four ambulance units
  • $30 million boost to United Medical Center until a new hospital can be built


  • $55 million to create and perserve affordable housing
  • $37 million in new funding for Homeward DC, a project aimed to cut homelessness
  • Real estate tax unaffected
  • $5.2 million to expand and increase D.C.'s income tax credit, Schedule H

Education and Family

  • $1.8 billion for traditional and charter schools, a $56.4 million increase, according to the mayor's office
  • $1.6 million to allow six schools to offer more community wellness programs (Anacostia, Ballou, Cardozo, Eliot Hine, Langley and Sousa)
  • $52 million to build 3 new early childhood education centers
  • $4.6 million to provide a laptop or device for every student in grades 3, 6 and 9
  • Eliminate sales tax on diapers
  • $122 million for K Street Transitway
  • $16.1 million for free Circulator service with expanded routes east of the river
  • $10 million to expand Capital Bikeshare and add 18 new stations
  • 2.8 million to better enforce bike lane rules
Development Projects
  • $90 million for infrastructure developnment at St. Elizabeth's campus
  • $35 million to remove the Wendy's at Dave Thomas Circle and redesign the flow of traffic through the intersections of Florida and New York Avenues
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