D.C. Women's Center to Shutter After 35 Years

After more than 30 years of helping counsel homeless women, D.C.'s Rachel's Women's Center will be closing its doors.

The organization, housed in a brownstone on 11th Street NW, opened in 1979 and will close at the end of September.

Approximately 50 women come in daily seeking advice, counseling and help. Some are recovering from abusive relationships, others are battling addictions.

"I had a breakup and an addiction," Virgilena Allen said.

Michael Jiles, a long-time supporter of Rachel's, hopes the women living there now don't fall behind after the organization's doors close.

"Our number one concern is where these women are going to go, if these doors close. These women could be an extension of anyone's family," Jiles said.

With the help of Rachel's, Sheila Cain sobered up and is living in her own place.

"I didn't know that you could be clean and sober after being addicted to so many different things. My life is much happier now," Cain said.

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