Weiner's Mobile Cruising D.C. With Expired Registration Sticker: Report

The Democratic Congressman caught tweeting racy pics to women has been cruising D.C.'s streets with an expired vehicle registration sticker, the New York Daily News reports.

The paper photographed Weiner driving a sun-faded Nissan SUV from his D.C. home on Saturday.  In the window, the congressman's New York registration reads July 2007, which seems to indicate he's almost four years overdue for a renewal.

The married New York representative, who confessed to six cyber-flings with women around the country, got caught earlier this year disrespecting D.C.'s parking rules. In March, he was outed by political news service Roll Call for having $2180 in unpaid tickets dating to 2007.

Roll Call said that the representative had racked some of those violations up two at a time, by failing to display current tags while his vehicle was parked in a taxi stand. Weiner aides told Roll Call that he paid off the outstanding tickets after the paper contacted him about the story.

After strenuous but strangely worded denials about his lewd tweeting habit, Weiner's admission of wrongdoing also came with a resolution not to leave office. But his colleagues in Washington are not letting him off the hook with a mere mea culpa -- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor called for Weiner to step down on Tuesday.

Leaving office might give Weiner some free time to get over to the DMV to get his registration straightened out.

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