DC Veterinarians Say They're Being Bullied for Enforcing Coronavirus Restrictions

“Our staff is getting berated, belittled and bullied on a daily basis"

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Stop the bullying, a D.C. animal hospital recently had to tell pet owners. 

Clients of Friendship Hospital for Animals, in Northwest D.C., are regularly aggressive toward employees who are enforcing coronavirus-related restrictions, they say. 

“Our staff is getting berated, belittled and bullied on a daily basis,” the facility said Tuesday in an email to clients. 

Dr. Christine Klippen said she thinks there are a few factors behind the frustration.

Pet owners aren’t allowed inside the hospital because of COVID-19 so they have to wait outside in the heat. The hospital had to postpone many appointments when the pandemic began so they now have a backlog and longer wait times. Plus, folks may be stressed because of the virus. 


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Still, that’s no excuse to be rude, the veterinarian said. 

“We’re all going through this right now. We all are on edge,” she said. 

Klippen said she had heard horror stories from other veterinarians, including threats of physical violence. 

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