Two MD Men Busted on Coke Charges

A Frederick police officer said he watched two men snorting cocaine near a shopping center Saturday night.

Officer John Hoxie said he was driving his normal patrol when he noticed several men "acting suspiciously" in a shady area of the retail center at 50 N. McCain Drive.

Hoxie said he got out of his patrol car and snuck up on the group to get a closer look.  The officer said he watched two suspects, Yonis Barahuna-Funes and Elmar Omar Galindo inhaling a white powdered substance.

Hoxie searched the two men, found cocaine and paraphernalia, and placed both under arrest.

Barahuna-Funes also had an open arrest warrant for failing to report to court on a traffic charge.  He received a $7,500 bond.  Galindo was released on his own recognizance.

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