D.C. Top City for Finding Women: Men's Health

Magazine says District best for finding 'eligible women'

Who would have guessed?  A national men's magazine has dubbed Washington D.C. the "babe" capital.

That's according to the magazine Men's Health, which ranked the nation's cities in order of most eligible women.

How did they come up with the ranking?  According to the magazine, they compared the ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of college-educated women, the percentage of women with jobs, and the number of women who work out.

From the magazine:

"You already know about the Lincoln memorial and the Washington monument, but they aren't the real head-turning sights. No, what you simply must see is the monumental number of eligible women. These are the city's real movers and shakers."

Men's Health Top 10 cities for most eligible:

1. Washington, DC
2. Portland, ME
3. Boston, MA
4. Seattle, WA
5. New York, NY
6. San Francisco, CA
7. Durham, NC
8. Raleigh, NC
9. Oakland, CA
10. St. Paul, MN

Fewest eligible:

91. Indianapolis, IN
92. Buffalo, NY
93. Memphis, TN
94. Cleveland, OH
95. Reno, NV
96. Wichita, KS
97. Fresno, CA
98. Toledo, OH
99. Bakersfield, CA
100. Las Vegas, NV

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