DC Teacher Shot in Face on New York Avenue as He Drives Home

Quintin Newaebo, 26, had only lived in D.C. for a few weeks when he was shot and wounded

In another stunning shooting of an innocent bystander in D.C., an elementary school teacher was shot in the face Monday as he drove home on New York Avenue.

Quintin Newaebo, a 26-year-old who teaches fourth-grade math, is recovering from injuries to his left cheek and left hand. A bullet is still lodged in his cheek.

"There was so much blood, just flowing down the street," Newaebo said in an exclusive interview with News4.

He was waiting to turn from North Capitol Street onto New York Avenue about 1 p.m. Monday when he heard a shot.

"My hands are on the steering wheel, and the bullet came through the windshield. It hit the steering wheel, with my pinky. Then it came to my face," he said.

Newaebo climbed out of the driver's seat and took cover on the ground.

"I was losing so much blood. I really couldn't see. I just was hearing everything," he said.

As he lay on the ground waiting for help and thinking he was going to die, he had one thing on his mind: making a phone call.

"I was asking the police officer, could he get my phone, just in case I could make that one last phone call to my mom," Newaebo said.

He will have surgery to remove the bullet in his face. As for his hand, he lost the tip of his left pinky finger.

Newaebo had only lived in D.C. for a few weeks.

Police have not released any information on a suspect.

Newaebo said he hopes to return to the classroom as soon as possible. He doesn't know what he'll tell his students.

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