DC Takes the Prize, Again

This time, for something good!

D.C.'s taken the prize for being #1 in murders, and more recently, #1 in cocaine use. But a new study has found that we are also tops in brain smarts -- does anyone else find that a little bit contradictory? Life's DHA Index of Brain Health just released a study that says so, so it MUST be true!

The first comprehensive state-by-state measure of the nation's brain health evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia, based on 21 health indicators including diet, physical health, mental health and social well-being. Some of the other top 10 states included Maryland, Washington state, Vermont and Connecticut. Alabama and Loiusiana scored lowest.

The index states that residents of the top-ranked states enjoy fish, consume a good amount of DHA omega-3 foods or supplements, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, watch their weight, do not smoke, read for personal enjoyment and put a high priority on education.

D.C. took the top prize because of our love for fish and DHA omega-3 fortified foods and supplements. O ... K. We are also ranked at the top of the nation for reading for personal enjoyment -- take that, Alaska!

Want the health of your brain to improve? Check out some tips from healthnews.org:

• Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily, and make wise lifestyle decisions, such as getting enough sleep and not smoking.

• Continue to use your brain and teach it new things. Playing games, learning a new language or working a hobby job after retirement are all suggested.

• Engage in social activities. Socializing with friends keeps you connected, relieves stress and boosts brain health. Volunteering, participating in clubs and attending religious services fit the bill as well.

Yep, no more murders or cocaine use for THIS city!

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