Number of DC Speed Camera Tickets Is on the Rise, Data Shows

Drive the speed limit -- the number of speeding tickets issued after drivers were caught on camera may be on the rise.

D.C. issued more than 520,000 speed camera tickets in fiscal year 2015, according to AAA's analysis of data obtained from the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. Through the first six months of this fiscal year, more than 365,000 tickets were issued. If that pace continues, this year's total will exceed the previous year's total.

"Obey the speed limit, slow down -- and there's a harsh penalty if you don't," AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend said.

Fines for speeding in the District can be as high as $300, depending on how much over the limit someone is caught driving, according to the D.C. police department's website.

AAA argues that these fines are too steep and should be cut.

"The ticket prices are quadruple the ticket price in Maryland, and people don't understand that," Townsend said.

Speed camera ticket revenue topped $55 million in fiscal year 2015, AAA says DMV data shows.

D.C. leaders object to the criticism that ticket-writing is a moneymaker for the District, saying traffic fatalities have dropped in the growing city.

The District is considering raising some speed limits and lowering others, based on traffic flow.

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