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DC Rolling Out 4 Sports Betting Kiosks at Bars, Restaurants

Ben's Next Door and Lou's City Bar are two of the locations

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Starting Friday, sports fans in D.C. will have four locations where they can bet on practically any sporting event in person.

D.C. sports betting kiosks will start operating Friday at Ben's Next Door on U Street, Lou's City Bar on Irving Street NW, Dirty Water Sports Bar on H Street NE and Takoma Station Tavern on 4th Street NW.

The machines will only accept cash and people 18 years or older can place bets on nearly any sporting event - even the Olympics.

D.C. previously rolled out its sports betting app, but the touch screen kiosks allow people to bet without having to set up an account.

Betters insert their cash, pick their sport and event and then enter the amount they want to bet.

Similar to a lottery ticket, participants can cash in any winnings at any of the kiosk locations.

"On average, you’ll probably see about three or four kiosks in these locations. At larger locations they can do more, but it's really about integrating into their business. So, I want to make sure the community knows we’re not trying to set up betting parlors," said Nicole Jordan, with D.C. Lottery.

D.C. Lottery intends to expand to more retailers and then to lottery locations.

"By the end of the year we’ll have at least 30 locations or more," Jordan said.

Jordan said there's no risk or start-up costs to retailers and they receive 5% of every bet made at their location as well as 1% on every winning bet cashed in.

"Each of these machines will have a camera that will be attached to it. So, that's one way we will monitor to make sure underage play isn't there. We also went through rigorous training with all of our employees and all of our retailers and their staff," Jordan said.

Winning tickets can be cashed in anonymously up to $600, but anything above that will require an ID and a trip to lottery headquarters to collect the winnings.

D.C. Lottery said the winning tickets expire after 180 days.

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