DC Restaurants Feed Police Officers at Nationals Park

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A special food line for police is being supplied by several D.C. restaurants at Nationals Park.

The restaurants are under the direction of Chef José Andrés and organized by the Washington Police Foundation. Executive Director Pat Burke used to be an assistant chief in D.C. so he knows what officers need.

“As I always used to say as a cop, the key to an officer’s heart is through his stomach,” Burke said.

Of the 3,800 sworn officers in the Metropolitan Police Department, 59 have tested positive for the virus, 169 have been quarantined, three have been hospitalized and one is in intensive care.

Work as an officer can be a high-pressure job and there’s almost no way to telework. With the added stress of the coronavirus pandemic, this can be a difficult time for those on duty.

“I think it’s just the uncertainty of what the quarantine will bring. They’re concerned about bringing anything home to their families. But generally, they’re in great spirits and they’re out there working hard and doing their jobs. I’m seeing a lot of positive officers that are happy to be out there doing what they do,” Burke said.

The Police Foundation also is helping out with temporary quarantine housing and bill payments — in addition to the food — as they go out to keep the city safe.

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