Poll: Sex on D.C.'s Brain Long Before Weiner

Residents of Washington are among the nation's most sexually active, according to a recent survey by an expert on the activity: Trojan condoms.

According to the prophylactic maker's 2010 Sex Survey, D.C. rose to the top of nation's cities in several categories. The survey said that 75 percent of residents said they were sexually active. 

But according to the census, that activity was not enough: 70 percent said they'd like to be getting horizontal more often.

Trojan said D.C. stood out in another category, too: 27 percent said they'd been in sexual encounters with more than one person.

Trojan said the results were culled from two online national surveys this spring, writing: "with 95% confidence, the margin of error is plus/minus 3.1 percent." That might sound a little dubious, but we'll give them credit for having a lot of institutional knowledge on the subject.

Across the nation as a whole, the survey says Americans are pretty pumped about online relations. Nineteen percent confessed to sexting, and an equal precentage said they'd had online sex. Eighteen percent of respondents said they'd had sex with someone they met over the internet.

The most sexually satisfied city? Trojan says it's the City of Brotherly Love, followed closely by the Big Apple. D.C., apparently, is engaging in more quantity than quality.

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