DC Police Search Smoke Shop for 2nd Time in 2 Months

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D.C. police served a search warrant at a Georgetown smoke shop for the second time in two months Thursday afternoon, and the owners say they are being bullied.

Neighbors and the D.C. government believe Mr. Nice Guy Smoke Shop on 33rd Street NW is breaking the law and creating a public nuisance. 

When the shop reopened after the search and arrest of co-owner Greg Wimsatt for possession with intent to distribute marijuana in December, cellphone video captured what the shop’s owners called a heated interaction with neighbors.

“We spoke to them and said, ‘Look, if there’s anything we’re doing wrong, we just came, we want to be neighborly with you guys, if we’re doing anything wrong, please let us know, we’ll correct it,” co-owners Damion West said.

Police officers used a battering ram to enter and serve a search warrant about 1:30 p.m. Thursday. It’s unclear what they found.

Wimsatt denies illegal activity.

“We’re not harmful,” he said. “We’re non-violent people. We’re friendly people. We’re not no threat to nobody. Nothing bad’s happened to nobody here. I mean, it’s clearly bias “

“In Georgetown we want safe, legal businesses,” Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Joe Gibbons said. “We want CBD. We want all the new type things out here. We don’t want illegal drug and narcotics sales.”

D.C. law permits personal marijuana use on private property but does not allow for it to be sold.

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