D.C. Police Prepare for Changes After Navy Yard Shooting, Boston Bombings

Some changes are coming to the D.C. Police Department following a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, as well as the Boston Marathon bombings.

During an appearance on WTOP-103.5 FM Wednesday, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said departments usually take away lessons from tragedies. Lanier said her department will start implementing those new lessons during large events in the District, like the Cherry Blossom Festival.

"The way that routes are swept and the things we ask the public to look for and the use of private cameras," she said.

During the Navy Yard shooting, there was so much noise in the building that police couldn't hear their radios.

"Because the fire alarms were going off, police radios were turned on very loudly," Lanier said. "When you're focused on an incident like that it's hard to hear, so we'll purchase earpieces."

She said the earpieces -- like those used by secret service agents -- will prevent an attacker from overhearing police strategy.

"We found that if our officers had earpieces for radio transmissions, they would have had more confidentiality of where they were in the building," she said.

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