D.C. Police Officer Takes on Third Street Tunnel Speed Camera

A D.C. police officer is on a mission to get his ticket -- and thousands of others -- thrown out.

A 22-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, Sgt. Mark Robinson recently got two speed camera tickets while driving through the Third Street Tunnel.

"I'm outraged because MPD, even though I brought it to its attention, did not do anything,” he said.

A long-term work zone has been in place in the tunnel, meaning the posted speed limit has dropped to 40 mph, but the speed cameras are still set for the normal speed limit of 45 mph. Even though the speed limit on the camera is actually higher than the posted limit, the sergeant says it's not correct.

“You have to enforce the posted speed, and it has to be accurate,” Robinson said.

He took his case to the DMV, which agreed that there were discrepancies with the ticket and it should be tossed out. If that's the case with Robinson's ticket, then it could be the same with thousands of other tickets, costing the city almost $2 million.

After the sergeant voiced his concern, he was punished, Robinson said.

“You take into consideration what I’ve said, you’ve listened, but you haven’t taken any action,” Robinson said. “The only action you’ve taken has been against myself, meaning that I’ve been removed from the program.”

Robinson said he will keep pursuing the issue.

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