Washington DC

DC police impound 167 scooters, issue 172 citations and arrest 61 people in first 10 days of scooter crackdown

City tightens grip on unregistered scooters amid safety concerns and legislative action

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D.C. police impounded 167 scooters, issued 172 citations and arrested 61 people in the first 10 days of ramped up enforcement, according to a Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson.

Most of the arrests were for operating a scooter without a license, and most of the impounded scooters lacked registration.

Police began random checkpoints last week.

D.C. police say the message is clear for scooter drivers: have completed registration complete, have a license and have insurance. 

Last month, D.C. legislators introduced the Moped Registration Accountability Act, which would require rental companies to register their scooter fleet and ensure they are insured. Businesses would also be required to show proof of registration and vehicle classification before selling the vehicles. 

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