DC Police Believe Victim in Weekend Carjacking Died Before Crime Was Committed

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D.C. police believe a victim died before his car was taken and he was left on the street. 

Carjacking in the city of Washington is on a record-breaking pace. The District has had 76 of them this year alone, but none like this carjacking. 

Police discovered Anthony Payne, 59, on the roadway Saturday morning on the 1600 block of Kenilworth Avenue NE. 

His family said he used to be a bus driver in the city and had a history of heart problems. Police said they believe Payne died behind the wheel of his Ford Fusion car. Then, someone pulled him out, left his body and took the car. 

After interviewing witnesses and reviewing crime footage, police began piecing together the case. Two hours later, Payne’s car was located and a suspect was arrested. 

Sources said police have video of a man dragging Payne from his car. Police said there is no evidence Payne was struck by a car.

Rosinski Smith, 32, of Northeast was charged with unarmed carjacking.

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