DC Police Officer Crashes Music Video Set, Shows Off Basketball Skills in Video

A police officer in Washington, D.C., is getting some extra attention after crashing the set of a music video to show off his skills on the basketball court. 

A local hip-hop artist named 3ohBlack was shooting a music video at Bruce Monroe Community Park in Northwest D.C., east of the Columbia Heights Metro station, when the officer approached the group Sunday morning. CeoSonSon, another local hip-hop artist, said the group assumed the officer was there to shut down the video shoot.

"He knew we were artists because he saw the lights and cameras," CeoSonSon said.

But instead of telling them to leave, the officer playfully teased them.

"He was like, 'Y'all can't play no ball,'" CeoSonSon said. 

The officer told the group he would be back after his shift to play some one-on-one, and 30 minutes later, he returned. He played for about 30 minutes and also made a cameo in the music video. 

CeoSonSon says he recorded the game to share the positive interaction between the officer and the community.

"My intention with the video was to show a positive interaction," CeoSonSon said. "It was a good thing."

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