Nation’s Best Graduation Rate in Montgomery County

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Number One.

That’s how Education Week magazine ranks Montgomery County’s high school graduation rate. For the third straight year, it’s best among the largest public school systems in the nation.
Montgomery County Public Schools have the highest graduation rate in the country.  Eighty-five percent of students receive their diplomas in the school system; the national average is 71 percent.

“When they come across that stage, I not only want them to graduate, I want them to go on and do something with their life,” said Dr. Jerry Weast, the retiring Superintendent of Schools.  “I want them to be inspired to reach to new heights.”

The hugs and happiness, pictures with friends and family are all part of graduation day, and the diploma is the symbol of success.
Richard Montgomery High School graduate Toabina Ranaiboarijaona said her diploma meant: “I achieved something, and I'm growing up.  Hard work, basically yeah, everything pays off.”

The Montgomery County student body is a diverse one, with a wide range of student ability levels.  Students say that many of their peers struggle.

“There were some kids who academically or otherwise had some problems,” said Alan Xie, a student member of the Board of Education.  “But in the end, our administrators our teachers worked with them, and it’s just very nice to see everyone you know in the Senior class walking down the stage going on to bigger and better things.”

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