Montgomery Police Shoot Man with Gun, Taser

A Montgomery County police officer shot a man in the Aspen Hill shopping center yesterday who they said was menacing officers with a broken bottle.

According to authorities, the man continued to advance on police even after he had been shot by a taser.

Saturday morning, a woman called county police from the shopping center, saying a man had entered the store walking erratically, and pushed past her to the back of the store.  The business, Jewelry Corner, was closing for good, and had no merchandise for sale.

Officers arrived around noon and approached the man, who authorities named as 32-year-old Carlos Enrico McDonald, of Silver Spring.  At that point, McDonald had left the store and was wandering around the shopping center's parking lot.  Police said he was holding on to a large glass jug.

The Montgomery County officers said that McDonald was advancing towards them in a menacing manner, and they asked him to stop.  When the man continued to advance, the officers used a taser.  McDonald dropped the glass jug he was holding, which broke into several jagged pieces.  He then picked up a jagged piece, according to officers, and continued to walk towards them.  Detectives said they are still investigating why the taser did not stop the man, although they noted he was wearing several layes of clothes.

At that point, officer Donald Hayes drew his service weapon and fired, three times.  Hayes hit McDonald in the arm, leg, and hip.

McDonald was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment, and is in stable condition.

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