DC Mistakenly Overpaid 14 Employees $204,000

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A clerical error resulted in more than a dozen D.C. employees being overpaid more than $200,000.

The mistake occurred late last year, and for several months 14 D.C. Department of Transportation employees who primarily do road maintenance were overpaid a total of $204,000, including payroll and benefits.

The mistake has been corrected.

DC Department of Human Resources Director Ventris Gibson issued this statement: “Our initial analysis of the overpayment issue to a small group of District Department of Transportation employees over the last several months shows an administrative error caused the overpayment in those employees’ paychecks. Pending confirmation of the administrative error, the District government will waive the obligation for those impacted employees to pay back any overpayment. Impacted employees are receiving updated information regarding this matter, and they will be updated as new information is available.”

Two employees in the Human Resources Department responsible for the mistake have been disciplined.

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