D.C. Middle School Students Take HIV/AIDS Message to World Cup

It was part mission trip and part adventure of a lifetime. Nine D.C. middle school students just returned from a 10-day trip to South Africa where they went on a safari, toured Nelson Mandela's house, spent time with children in an African orphanage, talked to kids about HIV/AIDS and took in a World Cup match.

The Grassroot Project, made up of area college and university athletes, raised $50,000 to make the trip possible. They run a program in D.C. where they teach the middle school students how to prevent HIV/AIDS in our community.

Grassroot arranged for the students to spend time with students in Africa whose lives have been impacted by the virus.

In addition to playing games and having fun, D.C.'s newest young ambassadors shared some of what they have learned about the disease. 

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