Man Says Off-Duty Police Responsible for Loss of Eye

Walter Blair, 24, was celebrating his birthday in Washington D.C. the night he lost his eye in a night club beating.

His attorney, Ron Carp, said 3 off-duty D.C. police officers working as bouncers were responsible.

"They were kicking him in the head, taking out his eye," Carp told News4's Jackie Bensen.  "There's no reason in the world that this young man had to lose his eye that night."

Walter Blair, a graduate from the University of Delaware and a former football player, was out with 8 friends on June 9 at Lotus Lounge, on K Street in the Northwest.

What sparked the incident with club security was unclear, but the result was Blair's major injury.

Despite the violent encounter, Blair was never accused or charged with any crime.

An internal source said D.C. police are conducting an investigation to determine whether the three officers involved violated department rules.  D.C. police have a strict policy that bars officers from working as club security without prior approval. 

There are no criminal charges against the officers currently.

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