Charles Palmer, 35, Pleads Guilty in Abuse of Dogs

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A 35-year-old D.C. man has pleaded guilty to several charges of animal abuse, according to prosecutors. 

Charles Palmer was indicted last November on 14 counts of cruelty to animals involving 10 different dogs -- three of which are now deceased.

Washington Humane Society received a call about Palmer allegedly fighting his pit bull Porter in April 2012. He was reportedly seen beating the dog, slamming him to the ground, bringing him into the woods and coming back with just a leash. When Porter was found, he had two broken femurs, a displaced jaw and was missing several teeth, "following a history of significant physical abuse."

Another one of Palmer's dogs, Roxy, was rescued by WHS in June last year. Roxy had difficulties standing, a broken leg, broken rear femoral head, a broken back toe and two lacerations on her head.

Both Roxy and Porter have been treated and adopted. The other five dogs have not been accounted for, according to prosecutors.

“For Palmer’s eight other canine victims, we continue to grieve, and hope that the judge delivers swift justice during the April 18 sentencing," President of WHS Lisa LaFontaine said. “The fact that Palmer also pleaded guilty to a charge of assault, lends evidence to the known connection between animal violence and violence against humans.”

Friday, Palmer pleaded guilty to two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals as well as one misdemeanor count of felony assault. He faces jail time of up to five years for each felony offense and up to 180 days for each misdemeanor, in addition to fines.

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