D.C. Leaders Want Redskins' Presence in D.C.

Mayor discusses efforts to bring Redskins training to RFK

The Washington Redskins’ woes on the playing field don’t concern D.C. leaders interested in the boost the team could provide a neighborhood if it moved its training facilities into the city.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray wants those facilities moved to the site of RFK Stadium -- once the team’s home when it was built in 1961 until it was abandoned by football in 1997.

“We really believe that the Washington Redskins ought to have a presence in Washington,” Gray said on WTOP’s “Ask the Mayor” Wednesday.

Gray and two council members recently took a secret trip to Tampa Bay to view NFL training facilities there.

Gray and Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans said the team could help revive the area around the old D.C. General Hospital and RFK.

“We hope it’s very realistic,” Gray said. “We think it’s an opportunity to bring Washington’s football team back in to Washington.”

Any facilities built at the site would be built in partnership with the team, Gray said. No blank checks.

Gray said he hasn't spoken to Redskins owner Dan Snyder about a move but he has talked to team officials.

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