Last Minute Donation Saves Planetarium

Arlington Public Schools

A New Year's Eve donation to an Arlington planetarium was heaven-sent.

The David M. Brown Planetarium, part of the Arlington County School system, needed $240,000 in order to keep the stars twinkling inside its dome.

On December 30, the organization Save the Arlington Planetarium was 6 figures shy of their fundraising goal, and facing the prospect of shuttered doors for the new year.

At the eleventh hour, Preston Caruthers, a Virginian architect and builder, stepped forward with a $100,000, which will allow the education center to continue daily operations.

The Save the Arlington Planetarium group has an ultimate fundraising goal of $402,800.  Thats the amount of money the Arlington County School system said is necessary to replace the star projector, install new seats, and make the facility ready for full-time operation.

The Brown Planetarium has hosted educational programs for school children for the past 40 years.  The planetarium also hold regular weekend programs for the public.

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