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D.C. Is America's Coolest City, New Forbes Poll Says

Seattle and Austin took second and third place

It's official: You live in the District of Cool-umbia. At least according to a new poll from Forbes that rated D.C. America's coolest city.

Yes, really. Somehow, the Little-Misshapen-Diamond-That-Could beat out both Seattle and Austin.

You look like you need some convincing.

OK. So D.C.'s expensive housing market is definitely not cool, but what could be hipper than living in a shipping container to save money? In the District, lawmakers can be trendsetters, so it's important to keep up with the 50 most beautiful people inside the Beltway.

Ask yourself: Could an uncool city be the setting (if not the actual filming location) for TV shows about the narcissistic sociopaths of "House of Cards" and "Veep"? No way.

The Forbes poll looked at six factors: arts and culture, recreation, diversity, local food, population age and net migration.

D.C. swiped the number one spot thanks to a diverse population driven by the need to succeed, as well as great food and a constant turnover of residents.

While that influx of new people has given D.C.'s long-term residents cause for concern, those same residents also know that we live in a city of DIY culture, independent music festivals and distinct musical genres. There's no denying we have great food, diverse neighborhoods and lots of history.

If nothing else, the nonstop influx of tourists certainly make the rest of us feel cooler when we know which side of the escalator on which to stand. And even our zoo animals are desperate to get out and see the city.

So next time you're waiting 14 minutes for a packed Metro train, or an aggressive intern flashes their badge at you to jump the line in Starbucks, think about how lucky you are to live in the coolest city in America.

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