DC High School Restricts Baked Goods at School During Week of 4/20

The principal of Wilson High School in Northwest D.C. is warning that students are forbidden from bringing baked goods into the building this week due to the date of 4/20, "a globally recognized day in cannabis culture."

The restrictions come after several students were sickened while at school recently and taken to a hospital. Although they have recovered, Wilson High School Principal Kim Martin said in a message to the school community Monday that the incident highlights a need to keep students safe.

"We suspect that next Friday, 4/20, will be another day of risk-taking for our students," Martin wrote. "'Four-twenty' (4/20) is a globally recognized day in cannabis culture, and is often a day when students over-use marijuana."

As a result, school officials are not allowing students to enter the building with any baked goods, or "large quantities of brownies, cookies, or cupcakes," she wrote.

Martin told parents they may make arrangements with the school to drop items off in the main office if their students expect to bring them.

In her message, Martin also warned parents to block access to prescription drugs in their homes and mentioned a school decision to delay revealing the location of this year's prom in hopes that it would make it harder for parents to reserve on-site hotel rooms for their children, calling it a "tacit endorsement of reckless and irresponsible behavior."

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