Storm Team4: Your Hour-by-Hour Halloween Forecast

Prepare your kids for trick-or-treating this Halloween by layering up, says Storm Team4. 

Saturday evening will start seasonably cool, but temperatures will dip as the night goes on. Pack a jacket if your trick-or-treaters will be out at 9 p.m. -- or later.

Here's what to expect each hour:

6 p.m.: The sun sets at 6:09 p.m. The evening will start at about 55 degrees.

7 p.m.: 54 degrees and mostly cloudy, but dry.

8 p.m.: 53 degrees with cloud coverage.

9 p.m.: A chilly 52 degrees calls for jackets by the end of the evening.

There will be significant cloud coverage throughout the night. By 10 p.m., temperatures will reach 51 degrees inside the Beltway, but the suburbs will see temperatures in the 40s.

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