D.C. Government Full of Rats

No place is safe from vermin

Your suspicions are true.  The D.C. government is full of no-good, dirty rats.

The Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center, at 2000 14th St. N.W., is bogged down with rodents, reports The Examiner.  Lots of 'em.  Over the last few weeks, sightings are way up, with as many as seven sightings during a day.  Can't someone bring in a cat?

One staffer told the paper that they see rats all the time, and that they often find rat feces in their offices and in the hallways.  That's an interesting way to decorate for the holidays.

D.C.'s Health Department began a rodent control plan on Nov. 28.  They plan on trapping and baiting the animals -- perhaps with Skittles? -- before rat-proofing the building.  The building is currently undergoing some construction and renovations, which may have caused the rats to shake loose from their subterranean lair and their Rat King leader.

The Department of Transportation, which is housed in the building, has sent around vermin tips, notably, stop eating at your darn desk.  All those Cheetos crumbs you leave entice Rizzo and friends to be bold.  Didn't anyone in the City watch "Ratatouille?"

But as a comment left at the article notes, "All of DC is infested with rats, especially the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court."  So maybe it's not just a D.C. government thing.

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