DC Firefighters Put Out Brush Fire Near Catholic University Fireworks Display

D.C. firefighters put out a brush fire near Catholic University, where homecoming festivities included a fireworks display Friday evening.

D.C. Fire & EMS hasn’t determined the cause of the fire.

“I do know that the fireworks display took place, and it was very shortly afterwards that the fire was reported in the same general area,” said Vito Maggiolo of D.C. Fire.

Because of the fireworks display, a brush truck was on hand.

The first arriving firefighters called for additional resources, including another from Montgomery County, Maryland, brush truck.

After containing the fire, crews searched for hotspots. They struggled to gain access to the area, using power saws to cut through a fence and heavy duty brush trucks to navigate the rough terrain.

The hot and dry weather made for perfect conditions for the fire to burn.

“We’re in a drought, and that means extremely dry conditions, and extremely dry conditions lead to these sorts of fires,” Maggiolo said.

No one suffered injuries.

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