DC Firefighter Circumvented 911 to Get Help for Dying Infant Nephew

The call for help for an infant dying in D.C. Wednesday didn’t go to 911 and wasn’t made by one of the baby’s siblings as police originally said.

The aunt of the child, an on-duty D.C. firefighter, circumvented the normal 911 system by calling a supervisor direct after one of the siblings called her.

When firefighters arrived at the home in the unit block of Van Buren Street NW Wednesday morning, they found six siblings 10 and younger, including the 7-month-old victim, who was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital. No adults were in the home.

The firefighter remains on active duty, but the incident is under administrative review. She lists the home as her address, but records indicate she may actually live in Maryland.

The five siblings are with Child and Family Services in good health.

Sources told News4 there have been previous calls about this family, but a Child and Family Services spokesperson said there was no open investigation into the family.

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